Our Story

Bungee Brand

We believe in making a difference for the next generation. The way that we do it is by sharing our success with the youth. We accomplish this by modeling an entrepreneurial mindset, we just happen to design, manufacture, and sell high end fashion.

If there’s one thing a Bungee cord knows how to do, it’s bounce back.

No one relates to this more than Bungee Brands Founder, Darrell Alston. A Philadelphia native, Darrell first found early career success as a rapper, joining well-known tours and building his career in the music industry. Over time, he quickly realized his income wasn’t supporting his rap lifestyle – a mindset that led him to begin dealing drugs.

Everything suddenly came to an end when he was arrested and sentenced to prison.

While incarcerated, Darrell learned that he had an eye for design and began sketching unique sneaker designs. When he was released from prison, he opened his own barbershop while continuing his passion for sketching shoes. Saving funds from his barbershop, Darrell put his first sneakers into production and the rest is history.

Commitment to community

Uplifting the community is at the very heart of everything we do at Bungee. When Darrell was released from prison, he felt strongly that he never wanted another young person to make the mistakes he made. Darrell is committed to telling his story whenever he can to help young people avoid making the same mistakes that he made and support them in their dreams for success.