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Bungee Youth: Design Your Dream Sneaker!

Are you a kid who loves sneakers? Want to design your own shoe? That was Darrell Alston’s dream – and he made it come true. Now, Bungee Oblečení’s CEO and lead designer wants to inspire and empower kids to follow their dreams.

Design a sneaker and send it to us. If Alston likes it, he’ll have it made!


  • Kids ages 7 – 18 years are eligible.
  • Proof of age is required.
  • Drawings should be emailed to info@bungeeofficial.com.
  • Include a short essay telling us your story.
  • Send us a picture of yourself.
  • Bungee Oblečení will pay for the production and shipping of one sample.
  • Bungee Oblečení retains the rights to use the story and images on its website and marketing channels.

Good luck!